Saucony Guide 14 Shoe Review

When you think of a stability running shoe, you might think of a heavy, blocky shoe that forces your foot in a certain movement. The new Saucony Guide works to dispel the idea that stability has to be forced. With PWRRN foam and a supportive guide frame, it gives you all the structure you need without compromising on comfort. This running shoe proves to be a great option if you need some extra support but don’t want to be bogged down.

What’s new

Saucony’s has made the transition to PWRRUN recently, and this freshly-engineered batch continues to pack a punch. Softer and more responsive than ever before, the Guide 14 proves that a stability shoe doesn’t have to be boring.

The guidance frame that is used to provide the support underfoot is now paired with a 3D-engineered fascia in the upper that holds the foot steady, providing 360 degrees of support.

Formfit addresses the general construction of the shoe that allows it to hug the foot and fit effortlessly. In the Guide 14, Formfit was re-designed for less bulk while still wrapping the foot with comfort. It fits more snug around the heel for less slippage, and allows for an overall lighter feel to the shoe.

Our take on fit, feel, and ride

The Guide 14 fits true to size and is of average weight. True to its origins, the Guide 14 does sport a roomy toe-box, but through the forefoot and heel has a snug, secure fit.

The support in the shoe is apparent as you transition from heel to toe, but it doesn’t feel overly stiff or firm. The underfoot feel is more similar to that of a neutral running shoe, providing some flexibility and softness that is more common on neutral shoes.

While Saucony does generally sport a wider feel, this version feels much more snug in the heel, meaning there was no slipping or movement while running in it. While it does have a plush tongue and heel collar, it doesn’t feel overly bulky and instead just provides a snug, soft fit.

Overall it seems like this is a great option for stability runners. We think that fans of the previous Guide will enjoy this one, and Saucony might see some runners who usually run in other brands convert to this soft yet supportive shoe!