Injury Prevention Tips

If there is anything that’s worse than running, it’s not running. While getting out the door and suffering through a run some days can be tiring and downright annoying, most runners agree there is nothing worse than when you can’t suffer through a run. Injuries can happen to any runner, and dealing with them can Injury Prevention Tips

Top 10 Gifts for Runners

R8 Roller If you’re not familiar with an R8, you might be missing out on your new favorite tool. R8 rollers make it easy to roll out tight and sore muscles. Because it uses a spring configuration, it takes minimal effort to get a deep tissue massage. This reduces soreness and promotes recovery. Head to Top 10 Gifts for Runners

Saucony Guide 14 Shoe Review

When you think of a stability running shoe, you might think of a heavy, blocky shoe that forces your foot in a certain movement. The new Saucony Guide works to dispel the idea that stability has to be forced. With PWRRN foam and a supportive guide frame, it gives you all the structure you need Saucony Guide 14 Shoe Review

USATF 2022 Outdoor Championships Recap

This past weekend saw the US Track and Field Championships held at the newly renovated Hayward Field. The University of Oregon successfully fused together a track known for prestigious history with state-of-the-art modern stadium design and has been introducing the world to it this track season. Along with the US Championships this weekend, Hayward Field USATF 2022 Outdoor Championships Recap