Nike React Infinity Run FK 2 Shoe Review

It’s not often that shoes claim to be injury preventing, but with the first version the Nike React Infinity Run FK did just that, and they continue to boast it in the second version. Featuring a wide base, a rocker midsole, and a heel clip providing a firm arch and support, it was like nothing we had seen before and the second version continues to surprise and delight.

What’s new

The midsole features one thick piece of React foam (much like the previous version), providing endless softness and cushioning while still retaining a bouncy, responsive feel underfoot. The newest version features an updated Flyknit upper that provides support and strength in the toe while also allowing for more breathability in the vamp and the midfoot.

Nike added more padding to the heel collar and tongue, while also navigating slightly away from the sock-like upper by providing a separate tongue. The added plushness of this area gives a softer feel around the ankle while also creating a more secure fit.

Added blown rubber on the outsole provides more traction and durability, and narrow grooves in the outsole give it a little more flex while also adding traction.

Our take on fit, feel, and ride

Our testers report that the shoe has a slightly wider fit in the toe box than the previous model, which could feel constricting on wider feet. The shoe in general fits true to size with average width throughout.

It has a soft step in feel, with a firm arch that feels supportive without rolling the foot outward. This makes it a great option for stability and neutral runners alike.

Running in the shoe it retains a soft feeling while still providing a responsive but not overly bouncy ride. The rocker of the shoe rolls you forward and allows for an easy transition from heel to toe. This rocker geometry provided a smooth rolling feel for heel-strikers and mid-foot runners alike.

Our recommendations

With it’s highly supportive heel clip, wider base, and impact-absorbing React foam, we feel that this shoe is a great option for someone struggling with injury or just looking for a stable shoe to pack the miles on.

While it might not be our #1 pick for short, quick intervals, this remains an excellent choice for easy recovery days and long runs.

We find that this serves as a good option for neutral and stability runners alike, but the firm arch may be too aggressive for extremely flat footed runners.

How to get them

We pride ourselves on having the best running shoe selection in Ohio and Western PA. All of our staff is highly trained to provide you with the best experience possible while ensuring that we get you in a pair of shoes that is good for your specific gait and goals. Stop by any of our locations and talk to our staff to see if the Nike React Infinity Run FK 2 is a good option for you!